Recommended Reading List 


The Forgotten Trinity - James R. White - An excellent book on 

on the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity 



A Call To Spiritual Reformation - Priorities 

from Paul and His Prayers
- D.A. Carson -  Exceptional study

into the prayers for the apostle Paul 



Knowing God - J.I. Packer - A Classic! Every Christian ought to read 

this book. 



The Justification of God: An Exegetical &

Theological Study of Romans 9:1-23
- John Piper - 

A great book if you are interested in a comprehensive study of Romans 9:1-23



A General Introduction to the Bible - Geisler and Nix - 

This book is a tremendous resource for studying different aspects of God's

 Word such as inspiration, canonization, and translation.  



Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God - J.I. Packer - 

An excellent treatment on Divine sovereignty and Human responsibility. 



The Same Sex Controversy - White and Niell - An 

exceptional, well written book on what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. 



The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

Loraine Boettner - An excellent presentation of the doctrines of grace from the

the reformed faith perspective.  



The Holiness of God - RC Sproul - A very clear and concise book 

on the Holiness of Our God.  


Remaining Faithful - The Bible vs. End-Time Fiction -William Hendriksen - Excellent book that not only deals with the End-times, but also many questions regarding the afterlife for the believer and the unbeliever.   


More Than Conquerors - William Hendriksen - A very readable   

commentary on the book of Revelation.  Hendriksen comes from the amillennial



The Heresy of Orthodoxy - Andreas J. Kostenberger & Michael Kruger -

 Excellent book critiquing the Bauer - Ehrman thesis. Lots of good information on the how

 we can be certain that what we have in the Bible today is what was written in the first



Canon Revisited - Establishing The Origins and Authority of the New Testament - Michael J. Kruger - Excellent book  on the origins and

 canonization of the New Testament. 


The Gospel and The Greeks - Did the New Testament Borrow from Pagan Thoughts? - Ronald H. Nash - Very useful and readable

 book refuting the theory that early Christianity borrow essential beliefs and practices from

 pagan religions and philosophies. 


From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement In Historical, Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Perspective  - Various Authors - Edited by David Gibson & Jonathan Gibson - A definitive work on the Biblical doctrine of Definite Atonement. 


The God Who Justifies - The Doctrine of Justification

James R. White - A comprehensive study on the doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone.